Ultra-distance cycling is a hobby, admittedly all consuming and an obsession but nonetheless a side dish to the main course of my work. My day job is a partner in Epiphanies LLP, a U.K. based learning and development consultancy. We help people think and act profitably. We do this through developing their knowledge and skills in innovation, management and leadership. We focus on driving sustainable improvement in business performance. We work with individuals, teams and organizations around the world.

I’ve been privileged to work with companies operating in a wide range of industry sectors and across most business functions. My work has taken me to over 30 countries including developing and developed markets. I have worked with the boards and senior leaders in a variety of multi-national companies.

The combination of success in my day job and the application of the knowledge and skills used in business to my hobby and the resultant world record (and other successes) has provided rich pickings to share with others on how an ordinary person like myself can achieve extraordinary results with hard work, the right support, approach and attitude.

To find out more, visit Epiphanies or email sayhittodom@gmail.com

For Press, PR and speaker enquiries, please email gemma@mckennatownsend.com or sarah@mckennatownsend.com

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