prof simon jobson

Professor Simon Jobson

Dr Simon Jobson is Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology in the Department of Sport and Exercise at the University of Winchester. Building on a PhD awarded in the area of cycling performance physiology, Simon’s research interests focus on the assessment of cycling performance and the mathematical modelling of cycle training. He has published much of his research work in academic sports science literature and has contributed to many articles in the cycling press. As a BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist, Simon provides sports science support for cyclists of all abilities, including coaching a multiple National Masters Champion and two World Record holders.

Simon is probably the single most significant person in shifting my performance from a rather mediocre cyclist to being able to break a cycling record. We’ve since gone on to write a book together. He is, in my view, an exceptional individual in so many ways.

john and ruth hargreaves

JD Tandems

JD Tandems is passionate about creating the best range of tandems available in Europe by using proven methods of manufacturing to produce an exciting and good looking range of tandems that ride well, are value for money and enhance people’s quality of life.

And selling these tandems to couples in Europe along with tandem components and tandem wheels and providing the best possible customer service both at the point of sale and after the sale.

John and Ruth Hargreaves were the people who sowed the seed of attempting the tandem record. They have been incredibly supportive over the 5 years it took to break the record. Their warmth, positive and encouraging nature helped me progress from a novice tandem rider to a record breaker.

rianne costello

Rianne Costello

Rianne Costello is a registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with the SENr. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Science and a MSc in Applied Sport & Exercise Nutrition. She is currently a PhD researcher at the University of Chichester. Her PhD is focusing on nutritional strategies to help enhance the recovery of muscle and connective tissue to mitigate musculoskeletal injury risk in military and athletic populations during physical training. Rianne also runs her own sports nutrition consultancy called, Invictus Performance Nutrition. Through this, she supports a wide variety of athletes with their nutrition to enhance performance, health and recovery using bespoke nutrition plans and body composition analysis and education. She holds an ISAK level 1 for skinfold measurement and is certified by the IASMS (International Association of Sciences in Medicine and Sports) to use ultrasound for subcutaneous adipose tissue measurement. Rianne is also on the editorial advisory board for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES), Sport & Exercise Scientist magazine. When not supporting clients or working in the laboratory, Rianne enjoys taking her bike out on long rides, horse riding and working hard in the gym.

Rianne is a relatively new member of the support team and has earned her place on this page by being so open and collaborative in the way she works with me. In my experience of working with professionals this is the exception rather than the rule I see the results of our efforts together everyday when I stand on the body analyser to determine body fat, lean muscle mass etc.

dr claire ryall

Dr Claire Ryall

Dr Claire Ryall established a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic in 2005 in response to demand for high quality treatment aimed at injury prevention and performance improvement in elite runners as well as treatment of their injuries. Her extensive experience in the research and clinical management of spinal pain and upper limb disorders makes for a versatile therapist who enjoys a varied client base.

She has had the pleasure of working with athletes from various sports who compete at international standards (archery, badminton, cycling, short-and long distance running, triathlon and swimming), and also patients with less vigorous lifestyles. Claire completed a MSc in 1999 (back pain), and a PhD (upper limb disorders) in 2006. Her most recent publication (2012) was a systematic review of finger joint replacements. Claire has been an accredited member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for over 10 years. More recently Claire has gained accreditation as a JEMS practitioner.

In my cycling career, I have been knocked off my bike twice by motorists as well as countless other sprains and muscle tears. Claire worked miracles and had me riding again sooner than I had a right to expect. What makes her special for me is that she has taken the time to learn and understand the world of ultra-distance cycling and to work with me to enable me to find the fastest route back to health. We have worked together for years and as a result of her willingly shared knowledge I have improved my understanding about rehabilitation significantly.


Paulus Quiros

Paulus Quiros design and build custom bike frames. We take care to ensure that each bike frame is individually tailored to our customer’s shape and riding style. Our handmade bike frames are made from scratch in our premises in Wales. We build our bike frames from butted Reynolds steel tubing. When non standard tube sizes are required we use certified aerospace grade 4130 chrome-molybdenum tubing.

For those wanting a complete bicycle we can offer a wide range of components ranging from those supplied by large manufacturers such as Campagnolo to individually hand crafted components made by small independent engineering firms. We place a high value on the performance of the bike and believe there is no reason why this cannot be achieved at the same time as producing an elegant bicycle built to last.

Whether you are looking for a complete bike or just the frame, from a tandem to a stainless steel tourer we will enjoy working with you to create your ideal bicycle.

Our bicycles incorporate unique design features and as a result they have a refined and distinctive appearance. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into the production of every bike. Our aim is to produce bicycles with an understated elegance but a clearly visible build quality.

I love the idea of hammering along a road, past the dead end sign and onto the farm tracks and into the hills and beyond, carrying my overnight kit with me, stopping where I please or riding through the night if the mood takes me. My only concession is to change tyres to match the ride. My idea of a fun ride is from my home in Hampshire to Paris for lunch, turn round and come home again mixing up on and off-road riding along the way.

I approached Paulus Quiros having been turned down by other manufacturers as a result of my honesty in admitting to having cracked five frames (two steel, two titanium and one a carbon Ti mix). My slow cadence, significant power and strength posed some interesting engineering challenges that it seemed no bike builder would take on. And then I met Jonathan Paulus and Jose Quiros.

Over 9 months we exchanged data, perspectives, opinions from which Jonathan drew up a bike that on paper looked perfect for what I wanted. In turned out to be even better than I thought possible. The level of thinking and attention to detail is quite remarkable and exceptional. I have found the whole process inspiring. If I could have just one bike, it would be the one built and designed by Paulus Quiros. I feel exceptionally privileged to be the owner of the bike built by them for me.

fat lad at the back

Fat Lad At The Back

The simplest ideas are the best. It occurred to us that if we couldn’t find top quality cycling gear, in proper manly man sizes, then probably, no one else could, so we took a bit of a punt and set up a sportswear brand which didn’t just do ‘usual sizes’ but it also did bigger sizes.

By happy coincidence Fat Lad At The Back had been the nickname of founding Fat Lad and our Lad In Charge, Richard for around 20 years – He had other nick-names but none of those are publishable and anyway, in Yorkshire, Fat Lad At The Back is a term of endearment and we think a pretty cool name for a sportswear brand.

We didn’t just want to size up our gear, we wanted to redesign traditional garments so that they would properly fit and flatter the new ‘average’ size of cyclist. It took months to track down a manufacturer prepared to make the larger sizes and pattern changes we required and we finally found a superb family run company in Italy who had been making sportswear for 35 years and who understood that we wanted cyclewear which didn’t make the wearer look like a shrink wrapped chicken.

I love the concept of FLAB. My own journey to breaking a cycling record started 17 years earlier when I weighed in at 110kg. My first foray into getting fit was a jog between two lamp posts and then a walk between two more before trying to jog again. It was painful, uncomfortable and I felt very self conscious. I know how it feels to be the Fat Lad At the Back. And it never stops. These days I’m chasing race wins or breaking records, but I still find more often than not I’m the lad at the back of a training session having to dig deep to hang in there. But whether you are a 50kg or 200kg rider, being out there on the road having fun, enjoying yourself is what it is all about. I’m delighted to be a proud FLAB kit wearer. I know the journey, I know the challenges and I know the rewards. For me, FLAB is a philosophy – a way of thinking about life.



Bike-BAG offers a full range of Custom Frame Bags designed to fit in the main triangular compartment of your Mountain Bike Frame. We can make for ANY bike as all Bags are Custom made and individually made, offering  the personal touch with the ability to customise your bag to your exact specification. Bike-BAGs offer a great solution for Bike Packers, or for busy commuters not wishing to carry items in a Ruck Sac.

First class custom made bags. I used their bags on the Tour Divide and they were brilliant. The build quality is superb and the bag can be made with exactly the features you want in the way you want (width, openings, ports, zips, tensioning straps etc). I picked my bag up in person and they were able to make some last minute modifications I wanted whilst I waited. Their craftsmanship is excellent and the willingness to get it right was fantastic. Don’t be put off by their website, it does not do justice to their products.

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